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How to be a Good Farmer of Your Investments?

how to start investingOne of the biggest achievement of mankind was when people have changed from gathering to growing food. Later on cultures in the valleys of rivers like the Nile, Euphrates, Ganges and Yangtze started to flourish.
This has happened more than ten thousand years ago, and history has proven that great civilizations can only emerge from strong economies.
The discovery that you can grow your own crops, domesticate livestock had such a big significance that it only can be compared with the start of using of tools, the invention of wheel, or the free WiFi 🙂

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How to be a millionaire? – Part 1

How to be a millionaire

Ok, so how to be a millionaire? As I explained in the introduction, the plan is simple: save regularly and invest regularly. But let’s break these down to see exactly what I mean.


Saving as a Future Millionaire

I believe most of the people get this part wrong. In order to be a millionaire you need to think like a (future) millionaire! Most people get their salary, pay their bills, spend on stuff (the more there is on the bank account the more generously), and if at the end of the month there is still some left, they save that. This is a wrong approach as it limits the amount you can save, not the amount you can spend. Instead of this, future millionaires do the following:

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