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Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017

Battle of dividend stocks 2017It is nearly 2017 and around this time of the year you can find a bunch of articles that all try to find out what will be the winning investment strategy for the new year. I also came across a lot of these that specifically deal with dividend paying companies. I always read these with great interest as all individual stocks in my Dirty Thirty Portfolio fall in this category. From this occasion I invite you for a game that will last throughout the year: The Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017!

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Portfolio Reallocation During Early Retirement

eldersIn the previous post we have checked whether it worth to reallocate our portfolio during the wealth accumulation phase in case the stock market dips. That example showed that it doesn’t really worth the effort. Seemingly I am not the only one who was thinking about such strategy. Joe from retireby40.org (who is by the way a great example to prove that early retirement is achievable) had similar thoughts and asked how this strategy would work in the years of early retirement. Let’s see what the numbers show!

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