September 2017 Financial Overview

September was a very busy month for us. Most importantly we have closed down the deal on our first Dutch rental property, furthermore I have quit my previous job. As you will see below, especially the first one has made a lot of impact on our current financial situation. Check out the details!

As usual, I will start with my stock/bond portfolio. Even though we have not sold or purchased any new shares, there have been some interesting things going on there.

Portfolio Fun Facts

Dividend Increase

First of all, Lockheed Martin has announced a nice, 10% dividend increase. The increased, $2 per share dividend is payable on 29th December to holders of record as of the close of business on 1st December. In addition, the company has increased its share repurchase program by $2 billion!

I believe these two announcements are excellent news for the shareholders. Meanwhile the share price is continuously hitting all time highs, and who knows where it will stop.

Winners and Losers

The 3 best performing stocks in the portfolio were:

  1. Valero (+12.97%)
  2. Royal Dutch Shell (+10.45%)
  3. Phillips 66 (+9.31%)

 As you can see, energy stocks took it all, with mainly double digit growth. In addition, the two refiners (VLO and PSX) also look technically very promising as they have broken through some historical resistance levels. Interesting opportunities as all are trading with still over 3% dividend yields.

The 3 worst performing stocks in the portfolio were:

  1. Yum! Brands (-4.18%)
  2. Apple (-6.02%)
  3. HCP (-6.64%)

I only have two YUM shares in my portfolio (I didn’t sell these as these two are on my newer broker and it wouldn’t worth the transaction fee), so I don’t really worry about this. Apple is not doing great due to the bit of disappointment around the announcement of the new iPhone. Seriously, would you spend a thousand bucks on it…? I’m actually happy to see HCP falling as (hopefully) next year when I’m gonna start buying stocks again and we might be over 2-3 interest rate hikes in the US, the REIT sector in general can be an attractive investment option. Buying cheaper is always nice.

Portfolio Value

Due to the increasing share prices and also because of the fact that the EUR finally got a bit weaker, in September our portfolio value has increased by EUR 1,353. Not too bad, considering that basically I didn’t do anything with it. Plus this amount does not include dividends.

Q3 Dividend Overview

By the way dividends: as September is the end of the quarter, it’s time to review how much dividends we received.

dividend 2017Q3

The total net dividends received in Q3 2017 amounts to EUR 475.61. This is only 5 euro behind the previous quarter. The decrease is due to two factors. First of all Q2 is the period when many European companies are paying their yearly dividends, so it will always be a strong quarter. The second reason is exchange rate, which also had negative effect on the dividends received in USD.

In Q4 I am expecting a further decline, as the effect of the share sales in August will be already visible then. At the same time our overall passive income should increase significantly due to the rental income.

Real Estate

This is where the biggest change has happened. Now that we legally own the rental apartment, I can include it in the real estate portfolio. Even though the property itself is mortgage free, from the market value I will deduct the outstanding mortgage amount that we took on our primary residence in order to finance the rental unit.

  • Rental Apartment: EUR 44,373
  • Garage: EUR 14,000
  • Total: EUR 58,373


Of course we had to use a lot from our cash reserves in order to finalize this real estate purchase and cover all the associated costs. The total amount of our emergency fund now is…

EUR 967.98.

This cannot stay like this for long. I always liked to have around EUR 10k in the emergency fund just in case. In the near future, the priority will be to increase this amount to EUR 5k as soon as possible. Subsequently I will add around EUR 500 per month to this until it reaches EUR 10k again. The rest will go against extra mortgage repayments until our LTV ratio falls below 85% again.

The Road to One Million

Summarizing everything, let’s see where we are on the road to one million!

EUR 100k is still holding strong 🙂 The total portfolio value is EUR 100,865. This is nearly EUR 1,000 decrease vs the previous month, but it’s not surprising considering how much we had to spend on the new property. I already indicated in August that this will be the case. From next month onward I am expecting the general upward trend to continue, hopefully with even bigger pace!

How was your September? Feel free to share it below!


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