The Most Popular Posts of 2017

It is only a few hours to go until the end of the year, so I thought it would be nice to check what were the most popular posts of 2017.  Luckily the overall number of visits to the site is getting higher and higher so this overview shows well what are you readers interested in the most.

1. The Dutch 30% Ruling and Why You Must Save All of It

This article is close to my heart as I am an expat myself living in the Netherlands. I am happy to see it is also popular among the readers.

The 30% ruling is a great benefit for all the skilled expats arriving to the Netherlands, but you must use it wisely. Adjusting your lifestyle to this extra income might hit back hard after the time when the ruling expires.

2. Flying Blue – American Express Credit Cards Review

The Flying Blue American Express Credit cards are the only credit cards in the Netherlands that actually worth something in my view. In 2018 the Flying Blue scheme will change at KLM and the partner airlines, but having a card like this (with a level that is appropriate to your spending habits) might be something to consider. Click on the title to read about more details on it.

3. What is the Best Passive Investment Strategy?

This article is useful to read for people who are new into investing and want to learn more what they can expect. Always keep in mind that passive investing is not a get rich fast scheme and the results of the first few months (or even 1-2 years) might not be that impressive. But if you give it some time, this is definitely a strategy that is guaranteed to work on a long term.

4. Dividend Snowball

This is one of the first articles I wrote still in 2016. Reinvesting the dividends you receive is something that will definitely boost the speed of your wealth building. After a few years your income from dividends will be more than your savings from your salary and this is when things will get really exciting!

If you look at my portfolio, you will notice that the example I mention in this article with PSEC has not been realized so far. This is because it turned out that dividend reinvesting of US stock is not something that all brokers in the Netherlands support. Even my new broker only supports dividend reinvesting if I allow it for all my US holdings, but not for individual stocks. For 2018 I will authorize them to do so, therefore the dividend snowball will finally start rolling.

5. My 2016 Financial Overview

Ah, the yearly overview! It is no wonder why you were interested in this. I will also go through it myself when closing 2017. It will be interesting to see what have changed over the year. 2016 was my first full year towards financial independence. Reading this, and the 2017 overview can give you a good idea what you can expect if you also planning to start your own journey.

These were the top 5 most read articles of 2017. Now, a few hours before New Year, there is nothing left to say but to wish you all a very happy and successful 2018!

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Disclaimer: This post or any other information on the site is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice. I am solely sharing my idea, plan and progress on early retirement.

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