May 2017 Investment Ideas

Last month I wrote a post about some investment ideas for April. It turned out to be a popular one, so around the middle of each month I’m planning to publish an article about possible investment targets.

Please note that I’m not gonna write about stocks that I believe are good for sort term trades. I consider myself as a dividend growth investor and these articles will reflect that.

The stocks I will write about are the ones that I would personally choose at this point of time if I’d started dividend growth investing today.

In addition, don’t expect new stocks every month. Just like this time, there might be many overlap with the previous month(s). This form of investing is not about continuous changes and jumping in an out from trades.

Considering the above, here come my personal recommendations for May 2017:




IBM has fallen even further since last month and it means you can purchase the stock with an extra discount. I usually add new stocks to my portfolio at the end of each month, and if the price stays at these levels (or especially if it falls further), I will definitely purchase extra shares of IBM.

At the time of writing this article, the dividend yield of IBM is close to 4%.



No big change here comparing to last month. I find the current share price appealing for new purchases. Nevertheless you need to be aware of the legal dispute the company has with Apple (which is probably the biggest reason of the low price). Qualcomm’s dividend yield is 4.1% right now.


Brinker International

Why would I’ve bought Brinker International last month if I didn’t find it a good investment? The share price didn’t move much since, so if you’re a Chilli’s fan, you might consider owning a small slice of the company.

Dividend yield is 3.18%




I like the fact that retail is so hated right now. That’s why this company is such a good investment target (you get it: target 🙂 ). 4.3% dividend yield, share repurchase program, hinted with some industry headwind, just to make things less boring. I’m personally not worried about my holding in the company.



A European stock ETF (excluding UK) which I currently hold and considering buying further in order to increase my exposure in Europe. The media of course focuses on the negative news, but as I personally experience it, the economy is not in a bad shape at all. In addition to this, European stocks are traded at more reasonable valuations comparing to their US counterparts.


As you can see nothing really changed versus my earlier considerations, besides of the fact that IBM has fallen to an even more attractive level. There are some other shares I’m also keeping an eye on, but at the moment I wouldn’t be comfortable buying them. Should this be changed, I’ll definitely include them in next month’s investing ideas.


What do you think of the above stocks? Do you have any recommendations from your side? Please feel free to share and discuss!


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Disclaimer: This post or any other information on the site is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice. I am solely sharing my idea, plan and progress on early retirement.


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