June 2017 Investment Ideas

Happy summertime everyone! If you didn’t take the old advice of “sell in May, go away” and you’re already spending your well deserved holiday (instead of your money), I have some exciting investment ideas to share with you.

If you red my earlier posts, you know that there are some beaten up stocks on my watch list. Most of these already became actual purchases during the last few months. As there were no major moves in these stocks, I believe they are still trading at attractive levels to enter.

At the time of writing this article, IBM is around 1.9% higher vs a month ago, Qualcomm has gained 4%.

Target is 0.7% higher, while the company has announced a 3.3% dividend increase.

The only (big) negative surprise is Brinker International with a 12.6% decline. Only on Thursday the share price has dropped nearly 10% due to a downgrade by JPMorgan to “neutral”. Their price target is $44 which is 19% above the current share price. No real change around the company itself, so I rather see this sell-off as a more attractive price to buy more shares. Nevertheless I’ll try to identify some reversal signals before I do so.

New Addition to the Watch List


There’s one more stock that has fallen back to a level where I seriously consider buying: Kinder Morgan. I already have this stock in my portfolio and most likely I’ll add some more to my holding this month. I think the company can be a good long term bet. In addition Richard Kinder has also recently purchased shares in the total value of over $9 million. I might also chip in with a few hundred 🙂

I am also looking at the selloff in the tech stocks (particularly Apple) but so far I only see it as a correction. Should the prices fall further, I would personally see more buying opportunities.

Regarding ETFs, I still see VERX as a good option to have more European exposure in my portfolio.

And talking about global diversification, I’m closely looking for a while the best possibility to buy into the Indian stock market as well. I’ll publish a separate article about it in the near future, so stay tuned!


What do you think of the above ideas? Do you have any own recommendations? I would love to hear your opinion, so please comment!


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