July 2017 Financial Overview

July is over and while they say that summer months are generally more boring from an investment point of view, this was definitely not the case for us. We have reached a milestone and we are also in the last stage of competing our most important yearly goal. Check out the details below!

July17 financial overview

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Portfolio Fun Facts

Regarding the portfolio, the most important update is that we made no new purchases in July. You can read about the reason later on in this post.

Generally the market has performed quite well, but the continuous fall of the US dollar against the euro starts to become a real PITA. It means less dividend income and lower portfolio value in EUR. Nevertheless buying dollar assets at this rate is much cheaper than it used to be a few months ago.

The 3 best performing stocks in the portfolio were:

  1. Ameriprise
  2. Target
  3. Diageo

Ameriprise was unstoppable in July. The stock has both made a technical beak out above $133, furthermore reported great Q2 results. Thanks to these, the share price was soaring 13.82% in July! Who knows what will be the ceiling?

In July TGT has managed to end up among the best performers with its 8.38% increase. Great month for Target, nevertheless looking from a bigger distance it is more like a correction. As I keep on saying in the monthly investment ideas, I have full confidence in the company on a long term. Looks like many other investors have also jumped into the stock when the share price was in the low 50s. The dividend yield is still well over 4%.

Diageo was soaring 7.98% in July, mainly due to a great earning report. Let’s open up a bottle of scotch for their 3rd place!

The 3 worst performing stocks were:

  1. Brinker International
  2. IBM
  3. Western Digital

I’m really struggling to understand the continuous fall of EAT. The share price has fallen another 6.9% in July. I’m really looking forward for their earning release on 10th August. Unless it shows something really bad, I believe there is a good chance that investors will find again this beaten stock with a safe, 3.88% dividend yield.

IBM is still not able to deliver those increasing revenue numbers. Investors are not happy about it, so the share price has fallen nearly 6%. At the same time, with every sell off, the company is getting more attractive from a long term dividend investing point of view. Currently IBM offers a 4.1% dividend yield.

I’m sitting in a very comfortable position in WDC as I am nearly in a 80% gain to my original purchase price. The 3.93% decline in July does not worry me too much.

Dividend Increase

July also hasn’t passed without a dividend increase. Cummins has announced a 5.36% raise. The first increased dividend of $1.08 per share will be paid on 1st September.


Even though we did not make any new purchases in July, this month was not boring at all. We have received a nice tax refund, which together with some monthly saving has been added to our cash reserves, which now stands at EUR 35k. We will need it soon, as finally we have managed to buy a rental property. More details will follow; now I only mention that the delivery will happen in September and we are super excited! 🙂

The Road to One Million

Finally let’s see the chart about the road to one million!

Thanks to the tax refund, I’m happy to announce that the value of our portfolio has exceeded EUR 100k for the first time in history! The exact figure is EUR 102,737, which is a EUR 6,652 increase vs the previous month. I’m really happy about the result, but we will need every cent in order to close down the real estate deal and make the apartment in a nice, rentable condition…


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Disclaimer: This post or any other information on the site is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice. I am solely sharing my idea, plan and progress on financial independence and early retirement.

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