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As a matter of introduction I’m a regular middle class guy in his early 30s aiming to reach financial independence. I have a beautiful wife, the cutest baby girl, a job with a middle management role at a multinational, a used car with no mortgage and a house with a lot of mortgage. Probably like most of you guys out there… I live in the Netherlands (you might or might not notice this from later posts) and I’m a non native English speaker (you will definitely notice this). I have the same kind of dreams like most of you might have: provide security to my family, live a happy life, travel to many different places, see the world, meet interesting people. And one more thing: I want to be a millionaire!

Yeah, sure, who doesn’t? But how many of us does actually achieve it? How many of us have a plan at all? Well, I do, and I’m gonna stick to it and I’m gonna make it. Make it without any trick, without taking irresponsible risk, make it in a way that almost anyone out there can do. I’m gonna regularly save and I’m gonna regularly invest. That’s all. This is the simple recipe of financial independence.

And what then? After I achieve it, I’m gonna LIVE. With capitals. By having enough found, both me and my wife could quit our jobs and live from the passive income that our portfolio generates. And it will generate enough to live a very comfortable life. No, I’m not talking about yachts, private jets and staying at presidential suites. I’m taking about full control of your life, being able to spend time with the ones you love, go out and explore the world, staying at places you like, as long as you like and generally: LIVE.

Sounds like unrealistic? Well, it’s not. In fact there are many people out there who have already achieved this goal. Fortunately some of them even share their story with the public. Reading their articles, ideas and thoughts have always been very inspirational for me and I strongly encourage everyone to visit their pages for some motivation. There are quite a few of them out there, I’m just naming a few of my favourite blogs in this topic:

So where am I on this road to have the first million? Well, just making the first steps. To be more exact on 1st September 2016 our portfolio value is EUR 53,131 while we have EUR 330,388 mortgage on our house. Long way to go, right? But the first step is always the most difficult and it has been done: decide to do it. And what is even better, I’m doing it together with a perfect partner which is already a half way and double speed towards success.

Do you want to support us on this way? Do you want to see us fail? Do you want to make the same road yourself, or do you just want to have some interesting read? In either case it would definitely worth to following us. I started this blog in order to track our progress and if things go as planned, I will document it all through the way until EUR 1 million! Hope to see you around!



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10 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Team CF

    Good for you mate! We wish you well.
    Oh, and just for the record, €1M would be very nice and you would give you a very “luxurious” financial indepence. However, you could probably do with less and start to LIVE a few years sooner. But you knew that already I suppose 😉

    1. Roadrunner Post author

      Thanks Cheesy! 🙂 Yes, 1M (present value) would be more than enough. I think 800k would already give you the opinion to do whatever you want (stay at work, do a part time job or retire). I’m still trying to achieve that goal, mainly because around the end the value of the assets should grow exponentially (in an ideal situation). Furthermore “The Road to One Million” sounds much nicer than “The Road to Eighthundred Twentyfive Thousand” 🙂
      Good luck on your journey too; let’s show that we can also make it in Europe! 🙂

  2. Divnomics

    Nice site you have here. Will def come by more often and check out the series you have written so far.
    Also like meeting other Dutch bloggers. Never knew I would found out about so many early on already!

    1. Roadrunner Post author

      Thanks for the comment! I have also recently discovered your site and found some excellent articles there. Let’s show that FI is also achievable from the old continent! 🙂


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