Half Year Review of 2017 Goals


At the end of last year I have collected 10 goals that I wished to achieve during 2017. Some of these were financial goals, some were related to the blog. As the first half of this year is officially over, it is a good time for me to review how am I doing on completing these goals. Let’s take a look!

My 2017 goals are the following:

1. Reaching EUR 170k Net Worth

Looks like I was way too conservative here. As you could already see in the June financial overview, our net worth has already reached not EUR 170k, but 200k! The big boost was mainly caused by the rapid price increase of our house (9% in one year). No wonder that this goal will be reached at the end of the year, the only question is by how much will we outperform.


2. Buy Our First Investment Property

There were times earlier this year when we thought that it will be difficult to meet this goal. Please read the related post in this matter: Hunting for an Investment Mortgage in the Netherlands

Luckily right now it looks like that it’s only a matter of 1-2 weeks and we get the money, so “only” the actual purchase remains. Arranging the mortgage not just the fastest way, but also under the best possible conditions, can be mainly thanked to the price increase of our house. The story itself worth a separate article which of course I will share with you.


3. Reaching a Portfolio Value of EUR 55k (excluding real estate)

Looks like I was also very conservative here. The value of our investments (excluding real estate) is EUR 54,207 at the end of June. This means that 98.5% of the yearly goal is already accomplished. There should be a very ugly second half year at the stock markets in order to fail here.


4. EUR 1,600 Dividend Income in 2017

This year until the end of June our dividend income adds up to EUR 838.51. This means that 52% of the yearly goal is already accomplished. I believe that there is a very high chance that we will reach EUR 1,600 by the end of the year. It looks like that the amount of dividend income was well set as it is achievable and won’t be far from reality. I will need to look closer on how could I set this goal right, while seemingly I was far from a correct number in terms of portfolio value.


5. Receive the First “Paycheck” from Google

Starting a blog is easy. Putting some ads to the site via AdSense is also quite straightforward. Generating traffic and revenue is much more difficult. So far I am really not satisfied as the way it stands at the end of June, only a bit over 30% of my goal is met. Unless there will be a significant improvement in the second half year, I will most likely not meet this goal.


6. Improve the SEO of The Road to One Million and Reach 20k Page Views in 2017

This strongly relates to the previous point and unfortunately the result is the same. By the end of June theroadtoonemillion.com had 6,750 pageviews. This is only 33% of the yearly goal which means I would need to double the traffic during the second half year. I honestly don’t see how I would be able to achieve that. Of course recommendations are always welcomed 🙂

At the same time some SEO work has been done. This March the site got a new design and most importantly a professional theme. I also started to use the Yoast SEO plugin in order to analyze the articles from a SEO point of view. From a traffic point of view the only result so far is a few more visitors from search engines but that’s it. Maybe 9 months is long enough for a pregnancy but in a blog’s life it is still only the very first steps to develop. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong…


7. Having 1,000 Twitter Followers

This is quite on track as the current number of followers is 706. If you are not following us yet but want to make sure that you are one of the lucky ones who were among the first thousand, please check us on Twitter under @Theroadto1m In addition also a Facebook page has been launched! If you wish to like/share/follow us, I won’t stop you from doing so! 🙂


8. Sell the First Item on the Amazon Affiliate Site

As I have already written it in an update post, my Amazon affiliate project was a total failure. Maybe one day in the distant future I will pick up this project again, but right now it just doesn’t worth the extra effort I can put into this.


9. Reaching EUR 500 Affiliate Income from Amazon

No comment. It is hard to generate affiliate income without being able to sell a single item 🙂


10. Write My First Guest Post

In May I had the honor to participate in the FIRE-Side Chat interview series on the Green Swan Blog. If you didn’t read it yet, I invite you to do so. I am also planning to publish 1 or 2 guest posts at other personal finance blogs during the second half year.



Summary of my 2017 Goals

So this is where I am at the moment with my 2017 goals. 6 out of 10 are either already met or most likely will be met by the end of this year. This is only a 60% success ratio which I am not happy about. Nevertheless the positive thing is that the most important financial goals are among those 6 ones.

Have you also set goals for yourself for this year? If yes, how are you doing in completing them? I would love to hear about those goals and your stories.


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