Flying Home for Christmas

airplane in snowOf course the main picture of this post is exaggerated (especially considering that I don’t even remember when was the last time that I had a white Christmas), but it doesn’t change the fact that the Roadrunner family needs to take a plane in order to celebrate Christmas (and actually any other holiday) with the rest part of the family. Due to many reasons, if you have the luxury to live close to your loved ones, you can consider yourself very lucky.

Although we live in the Netherlands, none of us were born here. My side of the family lives in another European country, Mrs. Roadrunner is from China. This means that the holidays are not only about the standard package, but it involves a lot of travel.

I generally love travelling. But of course this time of the year is not necessarily the best if you want to have a relaxed trip. Crowded airports spiced up with increased ticket prices. Visiting both families during the respective main festive seasons basically eats up one month worth of net salary. That’s right; one of us needs to work one full month of the year just to be together with our loved ones. What a great demonstration of financial dependence! 🙂

Of course living here is a matter of personal choice and besides of this obvious downside it has a lot of advantages. We have truly found our home here among the nicest people, fabulous cities and beautiful countryside. Seriously: Visit Holland! 🙂

Back to financial dependence: As I said before, one month salary is being spent each year on family visits. This means that currently our companies have us. Losing a job for us might potentially mean not seeing our loved ones, or only with some bigger sacrifices on the other sides of life.

While it is tough to face with this fact, at the same time it is also extremely motivating. It motivates me to finally reach financial independence. The road to one million is gonna be a long journey, but I’m confident we will get there. Every step is a step closer to the aim. And while now it takes a month of hard work to fly home, in a few years it will be covered by passive income.

Although flight tickets can only be bought for money (or air miles 🙂 ), there are things in life that cannot. This will be baby Roadrunner’s first Christmas. This is definitely a beginning of a new era for us. Having little ones around at this time of the year is truly magical. These are the moments that life really should be about.

I want to enjoy these days as much as possible therefore I am going to step back a bit from the blog until the New Year. I would like to thank you all for sticking around. This little blog has just started a few months ago and even though there is no huge audience yet, based on Google Analytics 57% of the readers are returning visitors. This is truly flattering.

I would like to wish you guys happy holidays, see you soon in the hopefully very successful New Year!

Merry Christmas from The Road to One Million

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4 thoughts on “Flying Home for Christmas

  1. Mustard Seed Money

    This will be our son’s second Christmas, although he was three month’s old at his first Christmas. So we are definitely looking forward to the wonder in his eyes as we exchange presents at our parents houses. You are going to have such an amazing time with baby Roadrunner’s first Christmas. Soak up the time.

    On a quickside note I really want to visit Holland. I have heard so many amazing things and once our son is old enough we definitely want to head over there 🙂

  2. Dividend Diplomats

    Happy holidays Roadrunner. What a special time of the ear and it is exciting to share the big first Christmas with you family. Traveling around the holidays would have to suck and my wife and I are fortunate that our traveling is simply driving to the other side of town. Definitely one of the advantages of living in the same place as your families. But yes, seeing your family is not a cheap and until your blog and passive income can fund the expense on your own, you are stuck. But that’s the beauty of the journey and what you are trying to accomplish. Unless you win the lottery, you won’t become a millionaire overnight. It will take time. But the closer you get, the hungrier you will become and the easier it will be to focus more on FI than working for your employer. It is a great snowball that can’t be stopped once it gets rolling. You’ll get there eventually…promise!

    Enjoy your holidays and the time with your family! Take care.


    1. Roadrunner Post author

      Thank you Bert! Yes, you should really appreciate having your family close to you. Traveling during the busy holiday season indeed sucks and expensive, but at the end of the day once we are there it’s all forgotten. Plus it’s a good motivation to achieve financial independence. Winning the lottery would be such a lame way to get there 🙂
      Merry Christmas to you and your family too!


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