FIRE-Side Chat With The Green Swan

Yesterday I had a great interview with The Green Swan. We have talked about several topic around my FIRE journey, including several details that were not mentioned even on this site so far.

A small extract from the interview:

First, tell me a little bit about yourself. Who you are and what’s your story?

I’m in my 30s and I live in the Netherlands with my wife and my 1 year old daughter. We’re quite an international family. I was born and raised in Eastern-Europe and my wife is Chinese. We met here and both consider the Netherlands as our home now.

I love traveling, being out in nature, drink good wine and eat delicious food. And working on my blog of course 🙂

When did your interest in personal finance begin? Did your parents have an active role in your financial literacy growing up?

My parents were…

If you are interested to read the full interview, please visit the following link:

A FIRE-Side Chat With Roadrunner



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