February 2017 Financial Overview

2017-February-financial-overviewThis February was a special month for me. Not just because my investment portfolio has made some nice gains, but most importantly baby Roadrunner had her 1st birthday! Needless to say both Mrs Roadrunner and I are super proud of her (and a little bit of ourselves as well πŸ™‚ ). This post will focus on February from an investment perspective. Let’s see our regular monthly financial overview and check where we are on the road to one million!

Changes in the Portfolio

First of all, although I’m not a big fan of changes in the company list of my portfolio, I have sold my (small) holding in Colgate Palmolive. I have never considered it as a well thought through purchase and now that the share price has increased during February, I could get rid of it with a mini profit.

This also meant that I had a chance to add a new company to the portfolio, which is V.F. Corporation. I was checking this company for a longer time and I believe I could make the first portion of purchase at attractive levels. VFC has a safe, over 3% dividend yield, furthermore I could balance my portfolio allocation a bit by adding a new stock to the so far under-represented consumer cyclical sector. So everybody please welcome V.F. Corporation!

In January I have already added some extra RDSA shares to my portfolio and this month I have continued the purchases. By this new purchase I have already achieved that the dividends I receive from the company covers our monthly fuel cost once per every quarter. RDSA has also become my largest holding.

I have also added a bit of extra to the emerging market bond ETF (PCY) in order to get a bit closer to my ideal stock/bond ratio.

If you are interested in my current portfolio, please visit the dedicated portfolio page.

Portfolio Fun Facts

The stock markets had another great month in February and the weakening EUR was also in my favor. These two factors have resulted in a nearly EUR 2k unrealized gain in my portfolio. Not too bad considering the amount of my total holdings!

Of course there were both winners and losers during the month. The biggest winner was Unilever, adding EUR 418 unrealized gains to the portfolio. Looks like the short lived proposal of Kraft Heinz has highlighted to many people how undervalued Unilever is.

The biggest loser was Target, just like in January. On 28th February the share price was hammered by weak Q4 EPS and guidance. It’s a question whether the current share price is attractive enough with it’s over 4% dividend yield, besides of the weak future outlook. I will keep an eye on the company in the near future and might increase my holdings.

There were some dividend increases announced during February that also impact my portfolio. Most notably Cisco (11% dividend increase) and NextEra Energy (13% dividend increase). I’m always happy to hear such news.

Cash and Real Estate

Nothing exciting here. Our cash balance is EUR 10,075 and out EUR 13k garage still generates EUR 70 income per month.

The Road to One Million

Finally let’s see where we are on our road to one million.

Portfolio Value 201702

Almost exactly EUR 4k gain comparing to January. I’m very happy to see that since this journey has started around a year ago, we haven’t had any negative months. Under an optimistic scenario we could even reach the first milestone of EUR 100,000 during this year which would be great.


How was February for you? Did you make any new purchases? What do you think about my switch from Colgate Palmolive to V.F. Corporation? Share your thoughts with me and other readers!

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Disclaimer: This post or any other information on the site is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice. I am solely sharing my idea, plan and progress on financial independence and early retirement.

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