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10 Financial Goals for 2017

Financial goals for 2017There are only a few days left from 2016. What a year it was! On a personal level most importantly my daughter was born. Then a few months later, inspired by many FIRE bloggers, the promise of financial independence, plus also by all the sleepless nights, so was this blog. I will always look back to this year with a happy nostalgia…

One of the things I really hate in the corporate world are the PBC (personal business commitment or pointless bullshit clause) and the year end performance reviews. Still I find it very important to set my own yearly goals. I’m sure I will be able to relate to it much more, furthermore by writing it down to a (small but growing) audience, I’m hoping it will serve as a symbolic boot that kicks my ass in the times when I really need it. ┬áLet’s see my 2017 financial goals!

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