Battle of Dividend Stocks (2017 Results and 2018 Battle)

Last year’s Battle of Dividend Stocks was a bit forgotten around June, but I was interested to see how did the two portfolios perform over the year.

Also, there were a few nominations for the 2018 battle. In this post you can see the starting line-up of this year’s contestants.

First, let’s start with announcing the result of 2017. Last time I did a review in June, my portfolio was quite behind, but still keeping up with the performance of VTI.

As per the closing prices of 2017, the two portfolios looked like this:

On the left hand side, you can see the winner, the 10 stocks of Ben Reynolds. A total return of over 30%! It’s even impressive considering the general good performance of the stock market in 2017. Cardinal Health was not a good pick, but Boeing really made him win this race by almost doubling the theoretical investment.

Looking at my portfolio on the right, you can see that it still delivered a 27% total return, which has comfortably beaten the VTI benchmark. Target was not a good choice from my side, even though during the end of the year the share price has recovered from the bottom. The best performer was Ameriprise, with over 52% total return.

Finally, a little visual chart with an alternative calendar where autumn months cease to exist 🙂

And now about the 2018 competitors! There are 4 portfolios that are participating in the battle. Let’s see them one by one!

The Road to One Million

The majority of the stocks I have selected are also part of my portfolio. Will it be able to deliver a 27% total return like the portfolio of last year?

Mikael Laursen

Mikael was the first who has submitted his list for the competition. His portfolio has some solid blue chip names like Coca Cola and Microsoft, but also companies like Tanger Factory Outlet ended up there. I also don’t believe we should bury traditional brick and mortal retailers, so I am really interested to see how this portfolio will perform.

Dividend Daze

D Daze also actively invest himself and if you follow his blog that some of these companies also ended up among his recent buys. I see a few pharma names out there, but technology is also represented. Good luck for the race DD!


Stalflare has entered the competition from the beautiful Florence, Italy. There are some solid names in his portfolio, some were already included in previous ones. At the same time he has also included some companies like NRZ and CINF that were totally out of my radar so far. Will they be the ones that could help him winning the race?

Four portfolios, all with a slightly different concept. Which one will be the winner, we will only know next year. At the same time you can already place your bets now. Which one you like the most and why?

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