Battle of Dividend Stocks 2018

It’s getting close to year end and the tension around the Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017 is getting high. So high, that since the last update of July nobody even dared to ask what the current status is. And from my side I totally forgot to post an update 🙂

Since there are less than three weeks left from 2017, I am only going to publish the end result. But stay tuned, there is definitely going to be a year end announcement! At the same time now I take the opportunity to announce the enrollment opening for the 2018 battle!

Last year I made a last minute announcement, but this time I would be really happy if some of you readers would nominate your top 10 favorite dividend stocks for the 2018 competition.

No matter if you are a blogger or a reader of this blog, just put your list forward in the comment section and I will record the list of the first 5 applicants. Let’s see whose list will deliver the most total return during 2018!

The Rules

The rules are mostly the same as in 2017, namely:

  1. You have a hypothetical cash pool of USD 10,000 which should be equally distributed among 10 companies that are listed in a major US stock exchange
  2. The nominated companies should all pay dividends.
  3. The shares are purchased based on the opening price of the first trading day of 2018
  4. Fraction of shares can be purchased (i.e. if the opening price is USD 23, then 43.48 shares will be purchased)
  5. Dividends paid out during the year will be included in the result, even if the ex dividend date falls in 2017
  6. No modifications can be made to the starting portfolio
  7. The progress is monitored throughout the year and the results will be announced based on the closing price of the last trading day of the year.
  8. You should submit your nominated companies by 31st December 2017

Simple, right? So what are you waiting for? Who knows, the winner might even get a price… Just post your top 10 list below and enter the contest!

Update 30 December 2017:

Before the year ends, here is my list for 2018:

  • EAT
  • IBM
  • GILD
  • KMI
  • QCOM
  • HCP
  • CVS
  • TGT
  • AAPL
  • NEE

Disclaimer: The Battle of Dividend Stocks is for entertainment purposes only and by no means I am going to give away USD 10,000 for the nominees 🙂

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