Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017

Battle of dividend stocks 2017It is nearly 2017 and around this time of the year you can find a bunch of articles that all try to find out what will be the winning investment strategy for the new year. I also came across a lot of these that specifically deal with dividend paying companies. I always read these with great interest as all individual stocks in my Dirty Thirty Portfolio fall in this category. From this occasion I invite you for a game that will last throughout the year: The Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017!

The Background

The inspiration came from the following article: Top 10 Dividend Stocks You Need to Buy Now to Prepare for 2017. It has been posted on TheStreet by Ben Reynolds and it lists 10 companies he recommends to buy for the new year.

As I read through the article, I have realized one thing: All the dividend stocks on the lists look like great companies and looking a bit closer to them I would also purchase at least 7 of them without too much worry. Nevertheless none of them are included in my Dirty Thirty Portfolio!

Should I review my portfolio and make changes to it? No way! I have purchased those stocks because I have long term confidence in those companies. At the same time I found the other top 10 list also full of potentially good buys.

Nobody can predict the future so I don’t think it is fair to say that this or that list is better. So let’s make this as a game instead! And the good news is: you can join too!

The Rules

rules of battle of dividend stocks

The Battle of the Dividend Stocks have some very simple rules:

  1. You have a hypothetical cash pool of USD 10,000 which should be equally distributed among 10 companies that are listed in a major US stock exchange
  2. The nominated companies should all pay dividends.
  3. The shares are purchased based on the opening price of the first trading day of 2017
  4. Fraction of shares can be purchased (i.e. if the opening price is USD 23, then 43.48 shares will be purchased
  5. Dividends paid out during the year will be included in the result, even if the ex dividend date falls in 2016
  6. No modifications can be made to the starting portfolio
  7. The progress is monitored on a monthly basis and the results will be announced based on the closing price of the last trading day of the year.
  8. For myself there is an extra rule: the 10 stocks I chose must be the member of the Dirty Thirty Portfolio

If you want to nominate your own top 10 dividend stocks 2017 game, you can do it by the end of 1st January. In case of many nominations I will accept the first 5 applicants, so hurry! 🙂

The Participants

dividend stocks for 2017

What seems to be obvious is that Ben Reynolds’s selection is heavily loaded with medical and pharma companies. In my top 10 you can only find Sanofi, which is still my favorite stock of the industry. Also he didn’t select any stock from the financial sector, while on my side Ameriprise is represented. I also seem to be more optimistic on the rebound of the energy sector.

Let’s see which list of companies perform better in 2017!

As mentioned before I would be more than happy if some of you would also nominate his/her top 10 dividend stocks for this game! What do you think of these two lists so far?


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5 thoughts on “Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017

  1. Mustard Seed Money

    I have to say that I like stocks on both of those lists a lot. I need to investigate these a little bit more but I know my dad recently bought Unilever.

    Thanks for the recommendations and I’m going to definitely take a look at Sanofi.

    Hope you have a great New Years!!!

  2. Dividend Life

    I look forward to seeing the results! Of the two I’m predicting that the first one will win if the goal is based on Total Return but it’s really just a complete guess, I’ve no idea. If medical / pharma does well this year then it’ll favor TheStreet. Other metrics you could include for a DGI type comparison could be dividends paid or growth in dividends paid.

    If you’d done that same test starting in 2013 and checked results at the end of 2016, TheStreet’s portfolio would have been a little higher than the second one with a result of $12,413 vs $11,992. But both lost to VTSAX which came in with $12,730.


    1. Roadrunner Post author

      Thank you for your detailed comment! I will definitely include those metrics in the final result.
      The reason why I consider total return is that I wanted to avoid the temptation of selecting companies with high, but potentially unstable dividend payout.
      I’m often whether I should select only mutual funds/ETFs in my portfolio. While it’s very hard to beat the market on a long term, going for individual companies gives me some sort of extra excitement and joy during the process of wealth building. We’ll see how good or bad idea it is on a long term… 🙂

  3. Dividend Diplomats

    Woah, I love a good battle here! It is going to be a tough one and I own companies in both portfolios. I love JNJ though, I wish it were in your portfolio haha UL is a darling of the dividend community of late, but will it be able to rebound? Hopefully, you both crush it and it is a close battle till the end of the year!

    Best of luck. Are you performing quarterly updates?


    1. Roadrunner Post author

      I also love JNJ, wish it was a bit cheaper. If so, I’d add it to my portfolio with no hesitation.
      I’m thinking of the frequency of the updates. Maybe monthly would be too frequent and quarterly is too rare. Probably I’ll do bimonthly 🙂


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