Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017 – 3rd Update

Hi there! This is the third bimonthly update on the 2017 Battle of Dividend Stocks. If you’re new to the blog, you can check out the rules HERE.

If you remember from the previous update, The Road to One Million Portfolio was quite behind the Ben Reynolds stocks. Qualcomm, Shell, and especially Target were really pulling back the overall performance. If you think back the last two months, you couldn’t really read positive headlines about these stocks, so once again I did not have high expectations.

Let’s see the details!

Ben Reynolds Portfolio

In April this portfolio had a gain of 9.52%. Now the result is a stunning 14.37%, all this within half year!

Boeing, Medtronic, Abbott and Becton Dickinson are all having a 20%+ total return so far. Flowers Foods continues falling but who cares when you have stocks like these in your portfolio? This example also shows why is it so important to diversify your portfolio.

During the first half year this portfolio has generated $126.36 dividend income.

The Road to One Million Portfolio

You can see some real extremes here. Target has lost 26.4% of its value, while Unilever has gained 35.9%! Four stocks are still in the negative territory. Still, so far this portfolio has generated 7.86% total return, including $200.54 dividend income. Sanofi pays dividends only once a year, which explains the big jump in dividend received.

Best and Worst Performers

Top 3

  1. Unilever (TRTOM) +35.91%
  2. Boeing (BR) + 28.37%
  3. Abbott (BR) +27.22%

Bottom 3

  1. Target (TRTOM) -26.40%
  2. Qualcomm (TRTOM) -14.51%
  3. Flowers Foods (BR) -11.75%


Dividend Income

  1. The Road to One Million Portfolio – USD 200.54
  2. Ben Reynolds Portfolio – USD 126.36

Performance Chart

As you can see the gap is getting bigger and bigger. It will be really hard to win this battle. Maybe news like “Target Buys Amazon” would help 🙂

The real battle is between The Road to One Million portfolio and VTI. Can my 10 stocks beat the benchmark? We will see it in the second half year!

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