Battle of Dividend Stocks 2017 – 2nd Update

Hello there! This is the second bimonthly update on the 2017 Battle of Dividend Stocks. If you’re new to the blog, you can check out the rules HERE, and review the first update for January-February HERE.

As you might remember, during the last review my portfolio has ended up being third with a 4.47% total return. The under performance was mainly due to the fact that the 3 worst performers (Target, Qualcomm and Shell) all came from The Road to One Million portfolio.

Since then these stocks didn’t really bounce back (the more optimistic interpretation would sound like: they are building a strong support at these levels 🙂 ), so I didn’t have too high expectations about a huge value increase.

Up until 28th April, the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) would have made 6.02% return including dividends. This is the benchmark that I wish to beat. Let’s see how it goes so far!


Ben Reynolds Portfolio

At the time of the last check this portfolio had a really good performance. With its 7.9% total return it comfortably beat both VTI and my portfolio. Based on the closing prices of 28th April it looks like as per below:

This portfolio has further increased its gains. 9.5% in 4 months is a really impressive result. Boeing and Medtronic is really rocketing and there is only one stock (Flowers Foods) that shows a slight loss so far.

Well done; even if the value increase will be less rapid during the rest of the year, it will be difficult to keep up with it.


The Road to One Million Portfolio

As mentioned before, I didn’t have too much expectations when started to calculate. My previous losers are showing no signs of price increase, although I have some European stocks so I was hoping to show at least a bit of plus.

And yes, a slight 1.1% increase versus February. The total return so far this year is 5.68%. Unfortunately still slightly behind the benchmark. Unilever and Apple are really saving my pride here with 28% and 24% increase until the end of April.

At the same time 4 stocks are showing negative returns, which I am really not happy about, especially at a bull market…


Best and Worst Performers

Top 3

  1. Unilever (TRTOM) +28.07%
  2. Apple (TRTOM) + 24.60%
  3. Boeing (BR) +19.20%

Bottom 3

  1. Target (TRTOM) -22.32%
  2. Qualcomm (TRTOM) -17.61%
  3. Valero (TRTOM) -6.08%


Dividend Income

  1. The Road to One Million Portfolio – USD 87.99
  2. Ben Reynolds Portfolio – USD 82.76


Performance Chart

As you can see the real battle at this point of time is between my portfolio and the VTI. The Ben Reynolds portfolio is way ahead now.

Will there be any change in the order any time soon? We will see next time in early July!


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