10 Financial Goals for 2017

Financial goals for 2017There are only a few days left from 2016. What a year it was! On a personal level most importantly my daughter was born. Then a few months later, inspired by many FIRE bloggers, the promise of financial independence, plus also by all the sleepless nights, so was this blog. I will always look back to this year with a happy nostalgia…

One of the things I really hate in the corporate world are the PBC (personal business commitment or pointless bullshit clause) and the year end performance reviews. Still I find it very important to set my own yearly goals. I’m sure I will be able to relate to it much more, furthermore by writing it down to a (small but growing) audience, I’m hoping it will serve as a symbolic boot that kicks my ass in the times when I really need it.  Let’s see my 2017 financial goals!

1. Reaching EUR 170k Net Worth

The net worth calculation is something that I have neglected so far, although it is probably the most important metric of a person’s financial health. I will pay more attention to it in the future and as a starting point I will properly calculate and disclose in the year end financial update our net worth.

My aim is to reach a net worth of EUR 170k by the end of 2017. In order to achieve it, we will continue paying our mortgage (which is our only debt at the moment) and invest our savings wisely. Unless 2017 will be a significant negative year for stocks, I believe this aim should be achievable.

2. Buy Our First Investment Property

This is probably my biggest financial goal for 2017. I was doing a lot of research in this topic in the past period and I believe considering the current low interest rate environment and the improving economic climate in most part of Europe I believe it is still a good time for a real estate investment. I am also hoping that it will provide a reliable passive income stream in the future.

May and June is the period of our bonus payment, furthermore this is the time in the Netherlands when employees get their holiday allowance (8% of the annual salary), so probably that will be the time to make this step. Until then I will continue reading, planning and keeping my eye on the market.

3. Reaching a Portfolio Value of EUR 55k (excluding real estate)

This would not be a significant increase vs the current portfolio value, but it is explained by the previous point. I would like to take as little mortgage as possible on our future rental property, so the majority of our new savings will go against that. Also the fact that baby Roadrunner will start going to kindergarten will not be a help financially. At the same time I will still keep on making regular stock and ETF purchases every month.

4. EUR 1,600 Dividend Income in 2017

This might not seem very significant, but since the 2016 dividend income will be around EUR 800, reaching this goal would mean a 100% yearly increase. 2017 will be only the second year on our journey towards financial independence, so I would be still proud of this amount. By the time of early retirement dividend income will be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) passive income stream).

5. Receive the First “Paycheck” from Google

It was never my main aim with this blog to get money out of it. Nevertheless as I’m put time and effort into it, why not get some monetary compensation as well? The minimum amount that Google pays out from the AdSense advertisements is EUR 70. Considering that starting this site costed less, this would already mean a profit.

Having an own blog is a fun way to make some side income, or it might also be a full time job. What stops you from starting your own blog?

6. Improve the SEO of The Road to One Million and Reach 20k Page Views in 2017

This might not seem like a financial goal, but considering that every page view is a small drop in the sea of AdSense income, it is still related. I know that there are blogs that generate this amount of page views per day or even per hour, but considering that this site has just been launched a few months ago, this might be a good first year goal. I will try to achieve this by providing regular, quality content and improve the SEO of the site.

7. Having 1,000 Twitter Followers

Twitter is the only social media where this blog represents itself at the moment. My aim is to reach 1,000 followers by the end of 2017. If you would like to be one of the lucky thousand, please follow us here:

8. Sell the First Item on the Amazon Affiliate Site

I have finally launched an Amazon affiliate site in mid-December. One of the things I have realized (after) enrolling to the affiliate program is that I need to sell the first item within 90 days. This gives me a pressure on creating more content and work on the SEO of that site too. Once the first item is sold, I will definitely share it with you guys (also if I fail).

9. Reaching EUR 500 Affiliate Income from Amazon

Of course I don’t want to stop at one item. Contrary to this blog, the main purpose of my Amazon affiliate site is to generate passive income. 2017 will be its test run; if it does not meet my expectations, I will probably stop spending time on it. I would consider it as a good start if it would generate EUR 500 in the first year. I will provide continuous update on the progress at this site.

10. Write My First Guest Post

I am only a newbie finance blogger and still a guest post virgin. If someone with an already established site would offer me the opportunity to write a guest post on his/her site, that would definitely be a big acknowledgement on my work so far. Rejections would also be an honest but strong message 🙂


What do you think of my 2017 financial goals? Do you make such list for yourself and if yes, what are those? As always, please feel free to share in the comment section!


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Disclaimer: This post or any other information on the site is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice. I am solely sharing my idea, plan and progress on financial independence and early retirement.

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